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QA Services

Our QA services will not only allow you to have full control over the life cycle of your product, but also will give you a valuable insight into your product quality, giving all necessary information for continuous improvements. Using the newest QA practices, modified to match your project needs, our expert team will ensure that your product’s road to perfection is as smooth as possible.
Perform functional testing at any stage of the software development process or after release.
We perform mobile application testing on real devices unlike many software testing institutions.
Our automated test engineers automate tests, prepare necessary test data and databases.
We can execute usability testing involving representatives of the end-users and qualified test engineers.



  • CrashLytics
  • TestRail
  • Zephyr
  • Selenium
  • Openshift
  • MySQL
  • Postman Insomnia
  • Grafana

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