IoT Healthcare App

For fast and convenient medical readings. The application helps to significantly reduce the time required to enter actual patient readings and simplify the patient record-keeping process by automating processes.


Vehicle Accident Detection System

The VAD is allowing accident data to be downloaded.

The app enables the user to download the accident data and also submit supplementary information such as driver details, vehicle details, incident photographs, and additional information. 



Smart Home Ecosystem For Variety Of Devices

The client is an American home appliances R&D company. The designed IoT platform brings together a community of businesses with IoT solutions to improve the consumer experience through interoperability. This empowers consumers to experience a whole new range of functionalities with their existing devices and applications. Once an IoT device is connected to the platform, application providers can start consuming the data provided by the device to create innovative use cases.


The Smart Button

Control your smartphone, Apps and connected devices with a single press on a button! The Smart Button connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Real shortcut to your smartphone, it allows you to launch actions remotely on your smartphone with its 3 type of press to customize.


Real Time Vehicle Tracking Add-On: Salter/Sander Monitoring System

A control point integration salter/sander monitoring system as an add-on to real time vehicle tracking system. The salter/sander monitoring system provides the time, distance and amount of liquid and granular materials that are spread out. This is an optimal management solution for businesses that provide salt spreading services during the winter months after storm events.


A Technology Which Analyzes Car Vibrations To Predict Maintenance Needs

The revolutionary monitoring system has been designed to take the mystery out of car maintenance. The system leverages car’s vibrations with data science to anticipate maintenance needs.


Asset Tracking Solution

In manufacturing, and in particular within the field of logistics, networked vehicle dispatching and efficient tracking of goods are essential. Asset Tracking is a versatile solution enabling each process-driven event to be visible and traceable – to improve efficiency and significantly reduce error rates. Essential for freight forwarders using or transporting valuable assets, invaluable for logistics companies in need of improving their yard management, or for automotive manufacturers looking for a solution to help locate parts or optimize manufacturing processes.


Award Winning Technology

Openmatics ‘deTAGtive’ logistics data platform was awarded the “German Telematics Award 2018” for innovation.


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