A key role of business analyst in your project

The key role of the business analyst in a project is to create a consistent and complete model of business requirements for software development. He gets specific requirements from the customer, and then based on these, develops a technical specification, documents a system and software architecture of the IT product, sets development and testing tasks. When the project is implemented, he provides a tutorial for users and solves any possible functional issues at all stages of the life cycle of the created system.

The business analyst in the IT-sphere often deals with automation tasks. He collects information from all participants of the development process, studies it, and thoroughly describes the functionality of the software. As you see, the role and responsibility of the business analyst also include the technical formulation of software development tasks. And this is exactly why do we need a business analyst at each stage of the development process.

The work of the business analyst includes the next stages:

  1. Identification of the customer needs, understanding the problem that he wants to solve.
  2. Finding and formulation of the concept of solution independently or with the help of a team.
  3. Creation of terms of reference, by formalizing the concept with specific requirements for the future product.
  4. Detailization of each requirement in the form of specifications.
  5. Consulting of developers and QA engineers during the software development process, discussing disputable points with the customer.

What is the result of the business analyst’s work?

  • Models of processes and structures using the IDEF 0 / 1X, BPMN standards.
  • Diagrams of the system structure in the form of a mind map or using UML standards.
  • User interface prototypes.
  • Vision & Scope Document which includes scenarios of use and suggestions for implementing the idea.

We pay a great deal of attention to the business analysis process in order to protect our clients from unnecessary or incorrect actions and deliver the final product as quickly and efficiently as possible according to all customer’s wishes and requirements.

Business analysts need to have:

  • a high level of knowledge in the field of IT, management, economics, accounting, and  managerial accounting;
  • strong analytical thinking and the ability to systematize information;
  • knowledge of IDEF0, IDEF1X, EPC notations;
  • the ability to compose SQL queries and work with databases;
  • the ability to quickly understand customer requirements and determine their priorities, as well as to come up with effective technical solutions and talk about their impact on business in understandable client language;
  • theoretical and technical skills in working with relevant software;
  • the important skill of convincing demonstration of the competence of a company in a certain area, forming a clear idea of ​​the client project and his requirements after a brief communication;
  • knowledge of the fundamentals of programming (including object-oriented), designing, developing, and documenting software;
  • knowledge of the fundamentals of the theory of algorithms, the theory of databases, the theory of systems and systems analysis, the basics of information security, etc;
  • knowledge of the fundamentals of human-machine interface design;

The excellent business analyst establishes such trustful relations, that the client perceives him as his representative, as a person who defends his interests. Be assured that our business analysts are faithful defenders, who help clients understand and specify their requirements in a way that better corresponds to the ideas and real capabilities of the project team. The goals of the business analyst are based on the main customer requirements and needs.

You don’t need a business analyst if:

  • you’ve already launched the product;
  • you’re satisfied with the current development team and their technical process;
  • there are no problems and misconceptions with requirements and processes;
  • you just want us to provide you with a developer on outstaffing terms;
  • you have your own qualified business /IT/systems analyst;
  • you’re a BA specialist who exactly knows how a product should look/work to the last detail (UX, exception/error handling, etc).

You need a business analyst if:

  • you came up with an idea and want us to make a profitable product out of your idea;
  • you’re not a BA and aren’t ready to become this type of specialist for now;
  • you seek professionals who’ll ask you the right questions and check your ideas for maturity, helping to refine them;
  • you’re keen on the development of your core business and working with investors and partners, but not on setting tasks and allocating functions among developers, looking for a better way of implementing new functionality.


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