We are ForDePeople

Our Collective Strength Lies in the Cohesion of Our People


Our team possesses a very deep knowledge and experience of their profession, they are competent, efficient and responsible to better serve customer needs. Our goal is to achieve the desirable results and keep improving these results constantly.


Our understanding of business growth is that all our actions should serve the interests of our customers and their clients. We are responsible for sustaining the best work quality, meeting objectives of our customers.


We value teamwork, unity, and collaboration. We can only achieve the best results as a close-knit team. Our unity was built from common goals, shared values, and mutual understanding, increasing the efficiency of our collaboration day by day.


We ensure that our IoT solutions can seamlessly integrate with various devices and platforms, enhancing their compatibility.We help to create the best conditions for talent development, encourage the experiments with the newest technologies.


We transparently communicate with our customers, partners, team, and stakeholders on all business-related issues. We build trust, mutual respect, and openness to ensure productive long-term relationships.

Work with the whole world
We bring together diverse talents, cultures, and perspectives to create solutions that transcend borders.

With local expertise and a global perspective, we work seamlessly with clients worldwide.


We are working to speed up progress, encourage innovation, and improve our society. We strive for a greater and greener future for our planet and a better life for everyone, everywhere.


We are a dynamic and actively developing company, striving for leadership in the world IT market. Our success is based on happy workers, effective management and top-notch technologies.


Our employees have a very deep knowledge of their profession, they are competent, efficient and responsible. Our goal is to achieve the best possible results upon any conditions.

Our Social Life

Fordewind.io is an IoT engineering and development company based in Kyiv, Ukraine. Our main areas of interest and expertise are the automotive industry and Smart Home/City projects.

Founded in 2017 by a group of enthusiastic engineers and former KPI graduates, Fordewind.io focuses on a specific set of emerging IoT and IoE technologies: embedded development, backend and DevOps, big data and ML projects, mobile applications, and software and hardware QA.

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Kyiv, Ukraine

19 Koval's'kyi Lane, Kyiv, Ukraine




Warsaw, Poland

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Vancouver, Canada

W Georgia St, Vancouver, Canada




Tallinn, Estonia

Kesklinna linnaosa, Kaupmehe tn, 10114, Estonia


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