UX/UI trends – 2024

  1. High Contrast Design 

In high contrast design, elements like text, buttons, icons, and backgrounds are chosen to have strong visual differences, making them stand out.

2. Dark Mode 

Dark Mode uses dark colors for backgrounds, like black or charcoal, for immersion, and lighter colors such as white or light gray for text and icons to ensure readability and contrast.

3. Minimalism 

Minimalism in UI design focuses on simplicity, clarity, and functionality, by removing unnecessary elements to create clean, uncluttered interfaces.

4. Bold Contrast Typography 

This trend makes use of stark contrasts in font weights, sizes, and colors to create visual impact and draw attention to key messages or elements within a design.

5. Ethical Design & Inclusivity 

As ethical design awareness grows, UX/UI designers prioritize inclusivity, accessibility, and sustainability.

With technology changing so fast, design is keeping up too.

But besides trends, there’s also a foundation that’s always relevant – design thinking and problem-solving through this approach – this is the way we think. And that’s the trend designers should really get into!

Written by our talented UI/UX designer – alinaverzhykivska

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