Connected Car Platform

A connected car platform refers to a technological ecosystem that enables communication and data exchange between vehicles, infrastructure, and various external networks.

Project Introduction

Autobrain emerges as a cutting-edge connected car platform with a mission to enhance safety, security, and cost-effectiveness for families. At its core, Autobrain delivers a comprehensive solution by directly monitoring and communicating critical vehicle information. This is achieved through a wireless, user-friendly, plug-and-play OBD-II (On-Board Diagnostics) device, seamlessly integrating with a dedicated website and a feature-rich mobile app.

The system’s real-time monitoring capabilities provide families with a heightened sense of safety, offering insights into vital aspects of their vehicles. Autobrain goes beyond traditional OBD-II devices by not only diagnosing vehicle issues but also fostering a proactive approach to safety and maintenance. Users can access a centralized platform, either through the website or mobile app, where they receive immediate alerts and comprehensive data on their vehicle’s performance, health, and location.

The wireless and easy-to-install nature of Autobrain’s OBD-II device ensures accessibility for users of all technical backgrounds. This device acts as a conduit for constant communication between the vehicle and the Autobrain platform, facilitating a robust ecosystem for monitoring and analysis.

By reducing the operational and maintenance costs of vehicles, Autobrain addresses a critical aspect of family budgets. The platform empowers users to make informed decisions about their vehicles, preventing potential issues before they escalate, and ultimately contributing to a safer and more cost-efficient driving experience.

Project's specifics

Scope of project

BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy):

Our team developed and integrated BLE technology to establish seamless communication between the Autobrain platform and the OBD-II device. We also optimized BLE functionality for efficient and secure data transmission, ensuring that the wireless connection is robust and reliable. Our specialists implemented features that enhance the user experience, such as quick and easy pairing between the OBD-II device and the Autobrain platform.

OBD-II Device:

We designed and developed the OBD-II device to be a plug-and-play solution, ensuring ease of installation for users with varying technical expertise. Our developers integrated sensors and diagnostics capabilities into the OBD-II device to monitor and collect vital vehicle information in real-time.

Also, we ensured compatibility with a wide range of vehicle models, making Autobrain accessible to a diverse user base.

Quality Assurance:

Our team conducted thorough testing of the OBD-II device to ensure its reliability, accuracy, and compatibility with different vehicles.

We performed rigorous testing of the BLE communication to guarantee a stable and secure connection between the OBD-II device and the Autobrain platform. implemented comprehensive testing protocols for the website and mobile app to ensure a seamless user experience.

Big Data Analysis and Reporting:

Our specialists designed and implemented a robust infrastructure for storing and processing large volumes of data generated by the OBD-II devices.

Aslo, we developed algorithms for real-time analysis of big data, extracting meaningful insights into vehicle performance, health, and usage patterns.

Our team created reporting mechanisms within the Autobrain platform to present users with actionable information, facilitating informed decision-making about vehicle maintenance and safety.

Project Management:

Our project manager coordinated efforts across teams responsible for BLE integration, OBD-II device development, quality assurance, and big data analysis.

He also ensured the project adheres to timelines, stays within budget constraints, and meets predefined milestones. Moreover, he facilitate effective communication between different teams, stakeholders, and ensure alignment with the overarching goals of enhancing safety, security, and cost-effectiveness for Autobrain users.


The Autobrain platform offers a myriad of benefits to its users, empowering them with comprehensive features that enhance safety, convenience, and cost-effectiveness throughout their driving experience:

1. Car Finder:– Users can easily locate their vehicles in crowded parking lots or unfamiliar locations through the Car Finder feature. This functionality provides peace of mind by ensuring that users never lose track of their vehicles.

2. Mileage Cashback:– Autobrain incentivizes users through the Mileage Cashback feature, which allows them to earn rewards based on their driving habits and mileage. This not only promotes fuel-efficient driving but also offers users tangible benefits for their responsible behavior.

3. Trip Reports:– The Trip Reports feature provides users with detailed insights into their driving patterns, including mileage, duration, and specific routes taken. This data can be valuable for optimizing travel plans, analyzing fuel efficiency, and even for business or reimbursement purposes.

4. Roadside Assistance:– Autobrain ensures that users are never left stranded with its Roadside Assistance feature. In the event of a breakdown or emergency, users can request timely assistance, ranging from towing services to tire changes, directly through the app.

5. Automatic Crash Response:– In the unfortunate event of a collision, the Automatic Crash Response feature immediately alerts emergency services and provides critical information about the accident. This rapid response system can be vital in ensuring quick and appropriate medical assistance.

6. Stolen Car:– Autobrain enhances vehicle security with its Stolen Car feature. In the unfortunate event of car theft, users can use the app to track and locate their stolen vehicle, increasing the chances of a swift recovery.

7. Car Health:-The Car Health feature allows users to proactively monitor the condition of their vehicles. It provides real-time updates on diagnostic information, potential issues, and maintenance requirements, enabling users to address problems before they escalate and ensuring the longevity of their vehicles.

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