How business IT departments are facing the challenges posed by the COVID-19

In mid-November 2020, IDC submitted its IT industry forecasts for 2021. The report focuses on how business IT departments are facing the challenges posed by the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic and how they are seeking a competitive advantage in the new environment.


  1. Accelerate the transition to cloud technologies

The IOCs must lead the transition to cloud-based computing models to remain competitive. According to the IDC report, “by the end of 2021, 80% of businesses will double the speed of switching to cloud and application infrastructure under pre-pandemic conditions.”

  1. Computing borders becomes a priority

According to an IDC report, 80 percent of investments will focus on edge computing, and business models will take into account changes in office and homework associated with the pandemic. It will also increase the number of cloud solutions that will allow organizations to respond more quickly and efficiently to changing needs.

  1. Smart digital workspace

According to IDC, by 2023, 75% of Global 2000 companies will focus on a smart workspace that will allow employees to work more effectively on their own projects and collaboration.

  1. The Pandemic’s Computer Legacy

According to IDC’s analysis, a technical debt resulting from forced migration into cloud spaces will be felt until 2023. CIOs will continue to look for opportunities to build resilient digital infrastructure.

  1. Resilience is fundamental

Organizations should seek new approaches to maintain a competitive advantage in an unstable industry. IDC foresees that “in 2022 companies focused on digital resilience adapt to interruptions 50% faster than companies focused on restoring current levels of business and IT resilience.”

  1. Transition to off-line IT operations

By 2023, all computer and automation initiatives will use the cloud ecosystem as an underlying framework for real-time asset management and analytics. To this end, organizations must integrate the analysis of AI and machine learning, implement automation, and autonomous infrastructure.

  1. Opportunistic enhancement of the AI

According to IDC, “By 2023, 25% of global 2000 companies will purchase at least one AI startup”. In this way, organizations that develop their own AI solutions and data services will switch to subscription templates.

  1. Re-evaluation of relations and services

The IT environment is undergoing an incredible change, so according to IDC, 80% of organizations will re-evaluate their products, services, and relationships with providers to implement optimal digital strategies.

  1. Durability

IT departments have become responsible for applying sustainable business practices. According to IDC, “By 2025, 90% of Global 2000 companies will need to reuse materials in their IT equipment supply chains, as well as a zero-carbon footprint and reduced energy consumption.”

  1. People are still primordial

The automation of businesses and the creation of a productive workforce cannot succeed without the necessary investment in IT or DevOps team. Organizations will actively seek talent through crowdsourcing, staff development, and retraining. is an IoT engineering and development company based in Kiev, Ukraine. Our main areas of interest and expertise are the automotive industry and Smart Home/City projects. Contact us right now without a doubt and learn more about how we can help you build the future. 

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